Episode Thoughts: Accel World Episode 3

Our Hime!

This episode was definitely a very weird one. While watching it, I had a bunch of moments where I thought to myself, “what on earth am I watching.” Especially that bedroom scene with Chiyuri and Haruyuki. I tried my best to go in and not think too much about it (in a sexual manner), but it was way too much. I had to cringe through that part just because it was such a horrible display of “how to talk with a girl in her own bedroom.” Haruyuki might seem to be able to score and make the hottest chick in the school interested in him, but he sure as hell does not know what the hell to do when you enter into a girl’s bedroom.

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Episode Thoughts: Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Episode 1

Ero Alert, Ero Alert. I don’t know what it is that makes this show more erotic than those blatant ecchi animes. It is not like there is nipple exposure, huge breasts or extreme sexual content (well depends on what you think about the elevator scene). Did I develop a fetish for ghost girls or something?

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Episode Thoughts: Accel World Episode 2


I have seen magical girls transform. I have seen magical boys transform (Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka). I have seen sailor moon transform. I have also seen shounen characters transform into a higher power (Ichigo/Naruto/Sasuke). I have also seen vampires transform into their monster forms. There was even multiple Frieza transformation sequences. But I have never seen a fat, short pig transform. This transformation sequence nailed the show for me. Like seriously..one of the most badass things I’ve seen this season so far.

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Episode Thoughts: Fate/Zero Second Season Episode 1

Fate/Zero is finally back!! Continuing where it left off, ufotable continues to do an impressive job in making this anime fun and enjoyable to watch. The artwork is still beautifully consistent from first season, and I must say I do miss the stellar artwork ufotable manages to deliver. Not only is the artwork practically eye-candy for the viewers, its dialogue is also well written and does not bore the viewers. I am really expecting great things from this anime, and I am really curious as to how ufotable will bring a conclusion to this, dare I must say, epic anime (I did not read the novel so I am in full anticipation).

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Episode Thoughts: Accel World Episode 1

I jumped into this anime fully aware of what I was dealing with since I did read the manga beforehand a little bit. Seeing the main character be the object of envy for every non-attractive otaku really nails a lot of people. As a consequence, you have spawns of hatred that try their best to bash this show. Regardless of what people say, I am actually looking forward to this show and I hope that the amount of haters for this show will later appreciate and enjoy the anime as it is.

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Quick Manga Thoughts: Psyren


Sigh. I really hate school. It takes up so much time that I can’t even watch anime. I can only read manga during my breaks in school. Anyways, I just finished this manga, and I did not really like it. The manga was heading for a good direction, but there wasn’t any strong conclusion to the story. As the story progressed, it got more and more confusing that I think it even confused the author himself. The idea was far too complex, and it was obvious he didn’t think it out through enough. All in all, I was just very disappointed with this manga.

The five characters on that picture are the main, but there is nothing good about them. For starters, Yoshino was a very weak main character for a shounen manga. All his power ups were nonsense that it was even funny. I know random power ups happen in shounen manga a lot, but come on. At least make some of his friends be injured, then have him go into his rage form. He sees Miroku and does his rage form, which was STUPID. They other characters were also randomly given random situations that never got expanded on. They brought up the Menance Avatar, but never explained more carefully about it.

The story was much too rushed and anticlimatic. What was that ending? The big antagonist who the manga focused solely on turned out to be “manipulated” by someone? What was all that build up for? Then the supposed antagonist helps them kill Ouroborous?? My god. If that was not the most retarded ending, I do not know what is. What I can’t believe more is that Miroku BOUGHT the flashbacks that Yoshino transferred to him. That totally ruined his image there and basically stripped his role of being an antagonist to being an emo kid who couldn’t find any love, so he destroyed everything. What a lackluster character. Every character in this manga was flat, and the amount of surprise appearances they did was so stupid. I also hate the idea of the dead alive. They kept killing the characters over and over again, and reviving them over and over again. I am really upset with this manga, and I now I know why it got axed.

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Manga Recommendation: Noblesse


I was so busy with school today that I couldn’t finish one of my animes to write about, so I am gonna just give a recommendation to probably one of my favorite current manga. Noblesse is a korean web comic that is about vampires in the present world. I like stories about vampires, but many manga and anime fail to produce a storyline that is captivating. Luckily for me, I happened to stumbled upon Noblesse and to be honest, the art at the first couple of chapters definitely threw me off. However, it is definitely not as bad as it seems and in fact, it has many hilarious situations, interesting concepts and exciting fight scenes.

The manga was definitely a rare gem I stumbled upon and I get frustrated when people just give up this great manga just because the first couple of chapter has weird art. The art definitely gets better later on but people are all about first impressions. The manga can even be your typical shounen manga, except it has more unique art, fighting scenes, and definitely has a much stronger bond than most characters in typical shounen.

There is also a huge cast of characters that are all entertaining enough. The idea of vampires mingling with humans are common in many stories but Noblesse displays it in a comedic and somewhat, serious way. All of the characters are likable and the pretty boys are definitely worth the awe.

All in all, Noblesse is just a great, underrated manga. The way they have long strips seem different from most manga, but it is definitely the same and is probably even more effeective. You can find these mangas at:





Give it a try. I know I’m being subjective in most of my posts, but I just want to bring forth some of the more underrated anime/manga viewers seem to have a hard time to get into. It’s hard to break the ice at first but just find some time on your schedule, sit down, and just keep reading. You will really get into it.

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Final Anime Thoughts and Summary: Ladies x Butler

If you like big, bouncy, flabby boobs that explodes every five minutes, this show is right up your alley. Now, who doesn’t like a good eye candy once in a while. However, this anime has one major problem in it. The main character has received love from most of the girls without doing anything for it. The female characters just randomly develop feelings for the main character, Akiharu. Akiharu does nothing to get the love of the girls unlike most harem animes. There were some instances where he does say something to strike a heart string or two in some of the female girls, but that rarely happens. The rest are really just him being an idiot and doing the most cliched mistakes that somehow gets him into the usual lucky positions like touching breasts, panties, seeing people naked, etc.

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Final Anime Thoughts and Summary: Hanamaru Youchien

Animes that star three female leads around the same age somehow always have these three combination of people: an outgoing person, a mindless dolt, and a serious person (which is always the coolest). Minami-ke and Mitsudomoe are the first two animes I think of in terms of character similarity. Now I loved both Minami-ke and Mitsudomoe, but Hanamaru Youchien does something which makes me really not like it very much. I mean the idea of putting mature ideas into four-five year old children is really not that funny. It robs them of their innocence and when you put mature ideas into something, you necessarily think you cannot forgive their actions if they do something wrong. I tend to then hate the character, like I do with Anzu.

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Final Anime Thoughts and Summary: Summer Wars

From the director of “Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo” brings you Summer Wars! I thoroughly enjoyed Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo and it is one of my top favorite movies. Now as for Summer Wars, I’ll make it clear. For me, I did not like it as much compared to Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo. The storyline was definitely intriguing, and Summer Wars virtual world concept was definitely interesting. It reminded me of a certain Digimon movie where they also had to fight through a network. That was so nostalgic, and I thought that the art was also similar to those digimons. However, Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo was far superior because it managed to pluck a few heart strings in me, and the romance and story was definitely much more interesting. That doesn’t mean that Summer Wars was bad though, and it is definitely not a waste of time to watch it. It is merely a preparation for those who expected Summer Wars to top Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo.

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