Final Anime Thoughts and Summary: Bakemonogatari


The Perfect Harem

Bakemonogatari. What can I say about this anime? It is simply an amazing anime that could be called one of SHAFT’s top works. As a personal fan of SHAFT, I have enjoyed most of their works and this anime certainly has all of the conditions and qualities to say that…if someone has watched any other SHAFT productions, they would immediately recognize their work style and definitely their unique animation.

The storyline is easy to understand. Araragi Koyomi, the main male lead, was attacked and due to some circumstances has become a vampire. However, with the help of a man named Oshino Meme, he was able to become mostly human again instead of an undead. When I say mostly human, I mean he is still 1/10 vampire. As he lives his daily life again, he meets people (all girls) that has met these apparitions and he is determined to help them with Oshino Meme. So the storyline is basically this: He meets a girl; They all have problems with apparitions; He tries to help them; They go to Oshino Meme and he gives them advice on how to deal with these apparitions.

Although this storyline seems simple, you can say that there are many enjoyable moments hidden within each arc. The anime has many different tones, where sometimes it becomes serious, comedic, or just exploiting all the common moe archetypes. As an example of it, we have a female student president, with glasses, large breasts, braids, and due to some circumstances, has cat ears.

Let us review each arc and see what each of them are about:

Hitagi Crab Arc (Ep. 1-2)

Senjougahara Hitagi

My god! She's so cute!!

Araragi seems to have been bewitched by Hitagi. He becomes very curious about her and asks his classmate, Hanekawa for some information on her. He learns that she was the ace of the track team in middle school, was very popular with all her classmates and was a very nice and cheerful person. However, somewhere between middle school and high school, she got an “incurable disease” and has not socially interacted as much anymore.

Just as Araragi was walking out of the classroom, he turns around and sees Hitagi putting a cardboard knife and a stapler inside his mouth. She basically asks him what is his purpose for looking into her past and threatens him to keep quiet of his secret. Araragi promises and before leaving, closes the stapler inside his mouth and staples the inside of his cheek. After a while, Araragi gets up and pulls the staple inside of his mouth and we notice that he has abnormal abilities. He proceeds to catch up to Hitagi and tells her that he wants to help her and that he knows just the right guy.

Hitagi and Araragi goes to Oshino Meme, the guy who saved Araragi before. Araragi tells Hitagi that he is reliable and that not only has he saved him, but Hanekawa before too. Upon arrival, they noticed a little girl and Oshino said that she was formless and just a shadow, the epitome of nothingness. Araragi comments that she was just the remains of a vampire. Hitagi basically demands him to help her and upon explaining the situation to Oshino, he said that it was the work of a god. A Kani (crab) kami (god). He tells Senjougahara to go back home to shower up and wear some pure clothes and to come back.

We see her showering and Araragi in her room. The amount of fanservice here was enjoyable and seeing Hitagi out of the shower was just refreshing. I personally love and adore her. Her pompous attitude and beauty just strikes me so much that she is one of my favorite characters. Well enough being a fanboy. They arrived late at night to Oshino’s place and Oshino brought them to a semi-looking altar. He tells Senjougahara to stand in the middle and pray for anything. After a while, Oshino asks her some questions, like who is her favorite author, what was her first crush, what school she went, what was her name, etc. She didn’t answer some of the more private questions;however, when she was asked about what was her most painful memory she ever had, Hitagi paused and started telling about her trauma.

Her mother was immersed in an evil cult. One day, a high-ranking member of the cult her mother belonged to came into their house. The cult member claimed to be doing a ritual on Hitagi, but instead was trying to rape her. Resisting, Hitagi used a spike shoe and hit the cult member in the head, all while her mother stood there watching her being almost being violated. Hitagi regrets that maybe if she didn’t resist that time, maybe their family would not have turned out this way and her mom would not have left her.

After she was done, the weight crab appeared before her. After a moment, the weight crab attacks Hitagi, but Oshino pulls the crab out and says that since it has come to this, they will have to destroy it. Hitagi then tells Oshino she can handle the problem herself and pleads to the crab that she was sorry and that her memories, her past, and her pain should be carried on by herself and that she won’t need anyone else anymore to carry her own “weight”. The arc then resolves itself there.

Now this is a lot to read. You might as well just watch the whole anime instead of reading this whole “summary”. But as I have said, this is personally for me to really rethink about this whole anime. As some of the thoughts that has come up when I watched this arc, I have to say there are some really meaningful stuff. The idea of the crab god carrying her weight that represents her painful feeling was amazing. However, some questions that are raised are if they stole all her feelings, and is that why she has such a sharp tongue and unable to express anything or did it just steal the feelings of that time. I must say that I don’t only like Senjougahara because she is beautiful but the fact that she has a strong character. Tsundere type girls are often found to be annoying, but in her case, she isn’t. She realizes she is a tsundere and realizes she has a sharp tongue. She is not completely clueless, retarded, or unlikable. She is cool, keeps her head clear, cute, and although bad at expressing her feelings of love to Araragi later on in the anime, she tries her best and actually does it confidently. That is what makes her so amazing and that is what makes this arc and anime so good.

Mayoi Snail (Ep. 3-5)

Lol Loli

Now we get to the arc dealing with the loli Hachikuji Mayoi. Now I have mixed feelings about this arc. This arc, in term of the story was very weak and lacking. I don’t mean like it is unenjoyable, but I guess it is the weakest arc in terms of the story and meaning. The arc generally is in one setting, the playground and its neighborhood. The storyline plays very little in this arc. This arc was more of character interaction and also for some comedic situations.

The beginning is simple. It is mother’s day and it is customary practice to celebrate the day with your beloved mom. Now in this situation, we see Araragi in the park. The park is pretty significant in my opinion and it represents something which I will touch on later. Now, entering the scene, Senjougahara Hitagi in a super cute, purple dress!! Wow, when I first saw her, I almost fainted from the sheer cuteness of her. The dress compliments her beauty so well. Anyways, Hitagi wanted to repay back Araragi with something. She tells Araragi that she can ask her to do anything, whether it would be world domination, waking him up with nothing but an apron, and etc. The interaction between Hitagi and Araragi was very meaningful in this episode as we see both her sharp tongue at work jabbing Araragi, and her semi-little advances torward her romantic feelings for Araragi.

Then while sitting on the bench, Araragi notices a small loli standing in front of a map of the neighborhood. Araragi, being the person that he is, decides to walk up to her and wants to help her. However, her reply was, “Go away, I hate you”. When I first heard this phrase, I had assumed that it meant something like “I am not supposed to talk to strangers” type of thing. The anime makes this phrase different, however. After some brawling between the high school student versus the elementary student, Hachikuji decides to let them help find her mother. Since Hitagi lived in the neighborhood before, Araragi asked for her help.

However, even with the address, they couldn’t find the house no matter what. They went around in loops and lost their way. Hachikuji then starts talking about how it is no use, that no matter what she does, she’ll never be able to go see her mom again. Then she admits that she is a “lost snail”. Of course, realizing that he is dealing with an apparition, he calls Oshino to give him advice. Senjougahara decides to go over Oshino’s place since she felt uncomfortable near kids, or so she says.

While waiting for Senjougahara, the two of them were talking and brawling again until they met Hanekawa. She was taking a walk and saw them, and she asked about what they are doing and their situation. She doesn’t really do much, but like I said that this arc is really about character interaction, so it is important that they do interact and that her being at the park means something also.

Araragi gets a phone call from Senjougahara, but Oshino was over the phone. He talks about like all the troubles Araragi seems to have encountered, about the lost snail folklore and the meaning of the name Hachikuji. He also was very vague about some parts of his conversation with Araragi which is because from the prespective he was speaking from, Oshino was seeing something more different from Araragi with the apparition problem.

Back to the main problem of why Araragi was sitting at the park. It was mother’s day, and he didn’t feel that he belonged there so he secretly left the house. Upon leaving, one of his two sisters saw him and they had an argument before he left. He felt bad and stayed at the park, not wanting to go home. If he went home, he would have had to apologized to his little sister. Then there is Hachikuji whose mother and father were always bickering. They got a divoce and Hachikuji lived with her father. Wanting to see her mother’s face because she was scared that she might forget her mother’s face one day, she went out on her own and searched for her mother.

Meanwhile, Senjougahara comes back to the park. Araragi quickly ask what did Oshino say to solve the problem at hand. Here comes one of the parts I liked about this arc. Senjougahara explains how she had a problem for two years and that how she was abnormal. So normally if something that would make her feel abnormal again appeared, she would have to pretend to notice what the norm is and act appropriately according to the situation. Meaning that Hachikuji, was never really there and Hitagi can not see her. Only Araragi can see Hachikuji and we realized that as she was walking to find her mother, she was implied to of died in a car crash. The Folklore was that if you meet the lost snail, the conditions to meet it is the desire to not go home. To solve the problem, he only has to stop following the lost snail, in this case, he has to get away from Hachikuji. However, being the man that he is, he wants to help her out and with the help of Oshino’s advice and Senjougahara, helps Hachikuji find her destination, an abandoned landscape that was originally her house before the new district changed. After saying, “I’m home”, she disappears. After the issue was over, as he resumes his daily life, he notices Hachikuji again, and said that she was promoted to a free-wandering spirit and that she hopes that they would meet again more often.

Now, we see that there was nothing very special about the story itself, but all of the character/romantic development occurred here. At the very end of the arc, we see the romantic development between Hitagi and Araragi. All the buildup she did this arc was very nicely done. When she confessed to Araragi, first before they left to find the destination, and after when they finished their objective, I felt really happy. She doesn’t do it like how shoujo mangas does it, but she does it with a cute demeanor while still being pompous at the same time. We can really see the development and I must say Araragi sure has it good, even though Senjougahara said that he sure has bad luck to have a “psychotic virgin women who is starved for love laid her eyes on him because he was even a little nice to him”.

Also, about the park, I noticed that the park was a gathering place for those with family problems. Although it wasn’t hard to guess, we see that Senjougahara was there. We know her mother was involved in that cult so it made sense. Then we saw Hachikuji, who also had family problems due to her parent’s divorce. Later on in the arc, Hanekawa just happens to pass by. Now we know nothing about her family history, but this secretly implies that there is a problem with her family and that it will probably be an issue in the story dealing with the apparition.

Suruga Monkey (Ep. 6-8)

Your everyday sports girl

Now, I know it is not good to be biased in a lot of matters; however, I have never liked how any sports girl are portrayed in anime, and certainly this time did not change. Every harem anime has a sports girl type character, and this girl fits the bill of the perfect archetype of anime sports girl. In terms of cuteness compared to all the other characters are in this anime, she is one hundred percent the worse one. Not only is her attitude unlikeable, even her appearance is unlikeable. She has all the factors that will easily label her as the worst character in the anime. The storyline is similar to many stories relating about morales and being careful what you wish for and exploiting the dark natures of human beings. The animation, however, is at the top, and there are also lovey-dovey moments with Hitagi and Araragi, which makes everything bad about this arc amazing. Not to mention the first and only action really happens in this arc.

The arc begins with Araragi walking to Senjougahara’s house to get some tutoring for midterms. As he was walking, a woman jumps and flies right next to him and greets him. Her name was Kanbaru Suruga, and she is the ace of the basketball team and is also Araragi’s junior. After exchanging some words, she dashes off and Araragi continues his journey to Hitagi’s house. As they were studying for the midterms, they started talking like how they usually talk, sharp tongues and retorts. After a while, they were discussing about their futures and ambitions and what plans they have. Araragi expresses how he has no idea what he will do in the future and that he has no ambitions at all.

After a while, Araragi brings up about the girl he met during his walk here. Hitagi just says that she her junior in middle school and proceeds to bring her pencil close to Araragi’s eyeball because she was dissatisfied with him talking about another girl. Araragi expresses how Hitagi was the only girl for her and she immediately calms down. Hitagi begins expressing more about how Kanbaru was the ace of the basketball team, and Hitagi was the ace of the track team so they were often drawn together. Kanbaru realized Hitagi’s secret before Araragi and when Hitagi did the same thing she did to Kanbaru, Kanbaru stayed away from Hitagi. After hearing the story, Araragi left Hitagi’s house and called Hanekawa for information about the relationship between the two aces. After a while, he met a thing in a yellow raincoat who assulted him. I must say the action scene for this was pretty intense, especially the sudden hit. My god was that bloody and amazing. While lying in the floor almost beaten to death, Hitagi walks up to Araragi because he forgot Hitagi’s payment to Oshino at her house. He says that he just hit a pole and that was how he was so badly injured. She believed him and says that since he doesn’t need an ambulance, she’ll give him a special gift and gave him a big fanservice under her dress.

Araragi goes to Kanbaru’s house and she confesses everything. Kanbaru shows her an arm that looks like a monkey and he realizes that he is dealing with an apparition. Kanbaru said that when she attacked Araragi, she had no recollection of it, and that she only had hazy memories of it, like she was in a trance. She then confesses that she loves Hitagi. Hitagi treated Kanbaru really nice, even with the grade gap and Kanbaru immediately fell in love with her. When Kanbaru heard of Hitagi’s illness, she wanted to provide Hitagi the support this time. She wants to do something for her beloved senpai. However, Hitagi says that she has never thought of Kanbaru as an underclassman and told her to leave her alone. Kanbaru then left her alone since that was the only thing Hitagi has ever told Kanbaru to do. She then realized a year later that Araragi and Hitagi were talking in a chatroom casually and noticed how happy Senjogahara looked like. Kanbaru was jealous of Araragi and thought of many things like, why wasn’t it her that Senjougahara choose, was it because she was not male, etc.

They then went to Oshino’s place to get him to look at Kanbaru’s arm. Over there, Oshino told Kanbaru to show him her arm. Oshino told Kanbaru that it is not a monkey’s paw, but a lesser-demon, and that when her three wishes are granted, she will trade her soul for it. Kanbaru told them the story of her first wish. During elementary school, she was always last in her track and was a slow runner. During a track meet, she wished she would be faster, and she had a nightmare where she killed her four classmates that were against her in the trackmeet. On the day of the track meet, her opponents were gone and she realized that she made a terrible wish. She then practiced really hard to run faster than anyone so no one will be killed anymore. She made a second wish to be together with Senjougahara and claimed that since Araragi was out of the way, her wish would be granted by the demon.

Oshino told her there are two solutions, let Kanbaru kill Araragi or lop her arm off. Oshino tells her that it is not the monkey’s paw, but a demon, so whatever she wishes for, it’ll be granted. When it was the track meet because she resented her classmates for making fun of her in the track, she secretly harbored thoughts of killing her classmates, and unconsciously wished for her classmate’s death. With Senjogahara’s case, she was secretly jealous of Araragi being too nice to Hitagi. Araragi was doing everything Kanbaru had ever wished for and she resented him for that. Oshino tells Araragi that she purposely wished to injure and kill him. Araragi doesn’t care for any of that and still wants to help her. Oshino tells Araragi that the only way to make the wish be nulled is if they fight and Kanbaru fails to kill Araragi. The demon will deem that they can’t fulfill the wish and leave. Araragi promises and goes to a classroom and dukes it out with Kanbaru and gets completely obliterated. He stood no chance and in these three minutes of fighting, I must say that the animation was amazing. The chance of blood color was really “colorful” and the choreography was pretty good too. Hitagi comes in and interrupts their match and tells Kanbaru if she kills Araragi, Hitagi herself will find any mean possible to kill Kanbaru. Seeing as it conflicts with their wish, the demon becomes released. At the end, Kanbaru and Hitagi makes up and becomes friend again.

Now this arc was not that bad. What  I meant in the beginning was that I hate the woman in focus. We see how many evil thoughts Kanbaru secretly harbors, even at an early age.  She wasn’t even remotely attractive and when she was showing her “sex” appeal to Araragi, I almost puked. The animation in this arc was pretty unique since it was the only arc that deals with any “action” scenes (although it was mostly a one-sided slaughter). Now I know we all have evil thoughts inside of us and this arc expresses it brilliantly, but taking a bad character and putting in even worse characteristics to her doesn’t make this a positive point. Instead, it just deeply hurts her character and any chance of being likable.

Nadeko Snake (Ep. 9-10)

Another Loli!!

Oh man, aside from loli fanservice, I really did not enjoy this arc. It does convey a message in the story though: “what goes around comes around” and I think that message has been portrayed in many moral works. The idea of that is nothing new and certainly been beaten to death. However, I guess it is the most common message and therefore, would of had to been implemented. Sengoku Nadeko is a pretty cute character. The shy, loli type who has pretty large breasts for her age. We get to see the famous bloomer and swimsuit fetishes on a loli, so otaku fans must be going crazy. I must say they concentrated this arc more on the consumer’s need than the storyline but a director’s has to make money or else there probably won’t be any sequels or related works about this anime.

The anime starts with Kanbaru and Araragi hiking up a set of stairs to go to the shrine. Apparently Oshino has given them a job to put a seal on an old shrine and this is part of the payment of the debt they owe due to their help. Along their way up the stairs, they see a little girl in a cap run down the set of stairs, and Araragi thinks that he has seen her before. They reach the top of the stairs and Araragi goes place the seal on the shrine. When he went to meet up with Kanbaru, he realizes that Kanbaru has a headache. Then, they both notice the mountain of snakes that were chopped to pieces and decides to get away from the shrine.

We then switch scenes to Araraga in a bookstore with Hanekawa. They were looking for test-prep books for exams to help him prepare for his own future. Araragi wants to go to the same route as Hitagi since he wants to be with her more. After a while, Hanekawa goes home due to a major headache. Upon browsing the books, he notices Nadeko and vaguely remembers her. Upon seeing what book she was looking at in the bookstore, he quickly calls Kanbaru to go with him to the shrine again. Upon arriving to the top of the shrine, we see Nadeko cutting and stabbing a snake and Araragi tells her to stop. He takes her to his home.

At Araragi’s house, we notice that Nadeko was a friend of one of Araragi’s sisters and Nadeko really liked Araragi because he was nice to her. Nadeko wanted to show Araragi something and undresses. Araragi notices snake snails embedded into her body. Nadeko was researching in the library how to stop the curse that she got put from her classmate. She found that chopping snakes in front of a shrine will help, however Oshino says that the shrine is in the midst of a god war and that it is a very dangerous place that will turn into a catastrophe in a split second. Oshino gives him some instructions on how to get rid of the snake by performing some ritual. Oshino tells Araragi that it should be simple, but if he forcefully removes the snake, he will be attacked instead. However, if he removes the snake and leaves it alone, the snake will go back to the person who summoned the curse in the first place.

Upon arriving in the shrine, we see Nadeko in a swim suit in the midst of a blanket. That is where the ritual is taking place. All she has to do is sit and pray while holding a talisman. After a while, Nadeko’s conditions seems to have been getting worse. The snake was slowly making her way up to the face. Araragi realized that there wasn’t only one snake, but two and he quickly goes to Nadeko’s aid to help her forcefully remove the snake. Upon removal, the snake violently attacks Araragi and they fight it out. However, the snake apparition was far too powerful and the toxin was affecting his body. Kanbaru quickly tells Araragi to stop fighting the snake and leave it alone, but Araragi says that if he doesn’t stop the snake, it’ll go back to the boy who confessed to Nadeko. Kanbaru tells him to remember his priority first. Nadeko is saved, but Araragi has a bitter aftertaste after witnessing this whole ordeal and realizing that right now, he couldn’t save a person’s life.

Now this arc had very little screentime for Hitagi. And seeing as to how Kanbaru is the character I dislike the most, I didn’t particularly enjoy this arc. The pompous loli has been done, but the shy loli was a new concept. Seeing her in bloomers and swimsuits really turned on my otaku meter and realizing how moe it is. The “happy” ending that was supposed to be accomplished wasn’t so happy for Araragi since he wasn’t able to save the boy. Although I dislike Kanbaru, I must agree with her decision. Araragi is trying to be too much of a superhero. He is the everyday shounen character that is trying to save everyone. Reality is harsh and he should realize he can’t save everyone. Although Kanbaru’s actions and wording were weird in the anime, she was on the right track. I have always deemed those characters that try to save everyone as being too idealistic. They are usually narrow-minded and that really destroys some of the character interactions in my opinion.

Tsubasa Cat (Ep. 11-15)

A little erotic, but the purpose is the two sides of Hanekawa.

Now This arc was the longest and probably the most romantic development between the characters. Like I mentioned earlier in my post, we were given an archetype of a student council president with large breasts, wears glasses, and has cat ears. The storyline of the arc was ok, since it was dealing with something we have all dealt with: stress. Now the change of personalities due to stress was the most interesting part. The two sides of the character Hanekawa Tsubasa makes it really interesting. Basically her other form is the avatar of her stress. I must say there are a little erotic notions in this arc since we see Hanekawa in her pajamas and her breasts almost exposing, but that is beside the main point.

The arc begins with a flashback. We see that in the period of golden week, Araragi notices that Hanekawa was hit by her dad. We noticed in the Mayoi Snail arc that she also had problems with her family, so seeing this should not come as a surprise. When they were walking, they met a dead cat on the road and decided to dig a grave for it. However, after a while, she got massive headaches and turned into a “white cat”. Now that is not to say she becomes the animal, but her hair turns white and she has cat ears. Basically like cosplay, except it has a different personality. The personality is the embodiment of her stress and the cat’s special ability is to be able to energy drain humans in order to relieve her stress. The first two targets of her attacks were Hanekawa parents. They were hospitalized. In order to stop her from going out of control, Oshino Shinobu jumps onto the cat avatar and bites into her. Shinobu basically has an energy drain of her own, except more powerful. That incident sealed away the cat and Hanekawa has been reverted back to normal.

Now we see that Hanekawa was complaining about headaches for a couple of days now and Araragi becomes worried that it might be the repeat of that incident. However, Hanekawa insists that there was nothing wrong with her. One day, however, as he was riding his bike to school, he receives a phone call from Hanekawa. Apparently she has a problem and they both met at the playground. At the playground, Araragi and Hanekawa beings talking about some things like her problems, talk shows, and ultimately showing her cat ears to Araragi that was hidden in her cap. Araragi decides to go to Oshino’s place with Hanekawa to solve her problem. Among the bike ride there, Hanekawa comments that vampires have an ability to “seduce” girls and that is why he seems to be surrounded by so many girls lately.

Oshino sees them and comments a lot about her cap. He then surprises Hanekawa and puts her to sleep to awaken the cat apparition in Hanekawa. After typing her up, Araragi suggests to use the same method as last time and use Shinobu’s energy drain to help cure her. However, Oshino says that Shinobu has “gone out on a journey” and is missing. Araragi tells all the girls he helped in the past to help him look for Shinobu and they all eagerly help him. As he was looking, the cat apparition jumps onto the back of his bike and surprises Araragi. Apparently the cat apparition has no evil intentions and wants to help find Shinobu too to help her “mistress” to solve her stress. As they were looking, the cat apparition explains the relationship between apparitions and humans: they have none. There should be no relationships and they should not try to get along. They should be feared, worshipped, prayed to, etc. They want humans to feel dread when they meet their kinds.

As they were walking up onto some kind of roof, the cat apparition said that there is a way to seal her without relying on Shinobu. She said that she is the personification of Hanekawa’s stress, so if the stress is dealt with, the cat apparition will go away. That being said, if Araragi falls in love with Hanekawa, everything would be solved. Araragi is shocked. Basically Hanekawa has been in love with Araragi since spring break, when he was first attacked by vampires. She was always the shy type, so he had bottled up all her feelings for Araragi, and when she was even giving advice on how to treat Senjougahara well, that made her even more stressed. Araragi, however, told the cat apparition that he has no intention of loving back Hanekawa, that it is her own weakness that led to the state she is in now. Araragi realizes that Hanekawa has been lying to him all this time, that everything she did up to now was a lie.

The cat apparition said that there is one other way he can use and told Araragi to walk toward the street lamps. She implies that they need his shadow to do something. As he was walking, the cat apparition attacks him from behind and tries to kill him. If the embodiment of Hanekawa’s stress is gone, then the cat apparition will also be set free. Araragi doesn’t want to become Hanekawa’s lover since he already has Senjougahara, but he also states that since he owes Hanekawa a debt that even if he dies, it’ll be like repaying back the debt he owes. However, the cat apparition told him that so many other people wants to help him, and he is only letting others rely on his kindness. The cat apparition told him to beg for his life, beg for someone to help him. Araragi realized what the cat apparition says and starts saying, “Help me”. At that instant, Shinobu appears from Araragi’s shadow and finishes the cat apparition by using the energy drain.

It is back to his normal life and after school, Araragi, Senjougahara, Hanekawa, and Kanbaru all walk to Oshino’s place to thank him. However, as they arrive at the cram school, they realized that nothing is there, and Oshino wasn’t there. They realized that he had left the town already, which basically means that if another matter dealing with apparitions come up, he believes Araragi will be able to handle it himself without relying on him again. The culture fest starts tomorrow, and Araragi’s class is doing a Haunted House. The End.

Now it was obvious from the start that Hanekawa has developed feelings for Araragi. So we are seeing the build up of all the little interactions between Araragi and Hanekawa which led to what happened with the cat apparition. What would of been nice was if there was a cat fight between Senjougahara and Hanekawa, but instead, Araragi acts like a medium to deal with their problems. The other girls don’t really interact with each other that much. It is more like they all make contact with Araragi only. Well we do see romance developing and I guess the famous question some people asks are: “Who would you choose between all the girls.” No doubt, Senjougahara gets the prize. I must admit, Hanekawa with cat ears and in here pajamas was pretty nice, but Senjougahara’s attitude is just way too awesome.

Araragi x Senjougahara (Ep. 12)

Just ❤ her so much!

I believe this episode is an arc of its own, or a story of its own. It is the development between Araragi and Senjougahara. From the start, we see Hitagi and Araragi eating lunch together and they’re trying to act all lovey-dovey. Basically we see more advances from Senjougahara to Araragi. I loved when she tied her hair up. It was just amazing. It then continues with Araragi and Senjougahara in a car driven by Hitagi’s father. Inside the car, they were basically talking about erotic things, relationships, how much they love each other, what they like about each other, etc. It was probably a really fun car ride for Araragi. After they reach their destination, Hitagi gets off first to set up the place. All of a sudden, Hitagi’s dad talks to Araragi, saying that he has never been there for his daughter, so please take care of her from now on. When Hitagi was done preparing, they reach the location while Araragi was looking at the ground and closing his eyes. When Hitagi told him to lie down, when Araragi open his eyes, he saw a whole galaxy of stars, and that was Hitagi’s present to Araragi. It was really sweet, and Senjougahara even saying I have given you everything, everything I have. I felt that was a very powerful line and when Hitagi asks again what Araragi likes about her, he replies everything. I felt that response was way too broad for its own good. It makes the relationship seems unclear, and I hate when people say that. However, it seems to have worked here and that is fine. When later, she asks all tsundere for the kiss, watching that made me feel all cheery and happy.I must say this episode is in a world of its own and I loved every minute of it.

That Basically wraps up my final thoughts and summaries of this episode. If I was asked, did I enjoy it, I would definitely say yes. What are somethings I don’t like about? Well I guess some of the characters. Also, I had wished they done Araragi’s sister arc. Those arcs seem to be much more interesting, and I am really upset they ended the anime so soon. I know there will be a prequel, Kizumonogatari, which will explain what happened in Araragi’s case. So I am really looking forward to that and I have high hopes for anything related to Bakemonogatari.

Score: (8.3/10)

Art (1.8/2): The art was amazing. I really liked it. The characters were drawn really well, some of the animation was also nicely done. However, sometimes in the anime, the drawings were kind of messed up in the BD version. In the TV version, the art looked really ugly in some parts, which was not very nice. The BD version fixed a lot of it, but didn’t fix some of the most obvious ones. I liked the way they changed to doraemon style during some of the puns, and like always, SHAFT did their own creative style for a lot of things.

Story (1.5/2): The storyline was really good. I liked the concept of each arc dealing with a different folklore. It might be simple and predictable, but just watching it animated was really entertaining. I must say the Hitagi crab was the most interesting one, where they made Senjougahara’s weight her feelings. I really loved that arc and that was definitely the number one reason why I was drawn to this anime. The others were mediocre, but there were a lot of other things other than the story that made me like it.

Sound (.9/1:) Now I loved Staple Stable and Sugar Sweet Nightmare (the animated version). They were really catchy and nice to listen to. The ending was also fine. I liked how the meaning of the ending spiked up so much after watching episode 12. Also, the fact that each character the episode was primarily dealing with has their own song, I really liked that. My least favorite was probably the one featuring Hachikuji, but that’s just my opinion. The voice actors for them all seems to fit in their character role and of course Hiroshi Kamiya, the voice actor of Zetsubou Sensei and Recruit just made this anime so much better.

Characters (1.3/2): What I love about this anime is definitely the charaters. Without the characters, the anime enjoyment definitely would of lowered a great deal. Senjougahara is definitely the goddess of 2009. Everything about her was perfect. She wasn’t tsundere to the point of being annoying and her character development was so well done. The anime really focuses the character on Senjougahara. However, the other characters were amazingly typical of their roles. They were drawn well, do not get me wrong, but it was like they looked up the definition of extreme moe and slapped everything together. They all look cute, but we kind of know how they already act. It is obvious what type of character they are and it just takes away some of the surprise. Araragi seems to be the general shounen type hero who tries to save everyone he can. I hate those self-righteous people who can not even properly fix themselves help others. Like Araragi hasn’t even thought about his future and he is just helping people. What qualifications does he have? It just doesn’t make sense.

Enjoyment (2.8/3): Now did I enjoy it? Yes I did. SHAFT has been my very producer and they haven’t disappointed me with this show. It was kind of like a remix of the Dance in the Vampire Bund, except they did it much better. I haven’t enjoyed an anime this much in a long time and I can definitely say it was worth the ride. All hail Senjougahara!!

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