Final Anime Thoughts and Summary: Hanamaru Youchien

Animes that star three female leads around the same age somehow always have these three combination of people: an outgoing person, a mindless dolt, and a serious person (which is always the coolest). Minami-ke and Mitsudomoe are the first two animes I think of in terms of character similarity. Now I loved both Minami-ke and Mitsudomoe, but Hanamaru Youchien does something which makes me really not like it very much. I mean the idea of putting mature ideas into four-five year old children is really not that funny. It robs them of their innocence and when you put mature ideas into something, you necessarily think you cannot forgive their actions if they do something wrong. I tend to then hate the character, like I do with Anzu.

Hanamaru Youchien


Letting the children being exposed to the adult world by the carelessness of Tsuchida and making the children probably realize what the adult world was like would probably be much better. However, having the children understand and relating to it is just pure fail. I know that failure of a mother, Sakura, probably influenced Anzu, but for the other childrens to know such deep concepts like love is retarded. Hiiragi’s character was cool, and it was also cute the way she gets shy when being complimented. The bad part is she knows too much. If she only knew about pure facts, that would of been fine, but for her to be more understanding than an adult destroys her charm.

Hanamaru Youchien

Panda Cat Excercise Time!!

There is not much story to this anime, so I cannot really write a summary necessarily, but it is really just a standstill love triangle. Anzu profusely confesses to Tsuchida, while Tsuchida makes little advances on Yamamoto-sensei with her failing to realize the hints everytime. This is a slice of life anime, so it is fine if there is no story; however, they do the same thing over and over again. Then, they introduce some new characters that…has no impact on the anime at all. They seem to slap them in, let them play a minor role for 10 minutes, then forgets about them without really doing much to the story. Then we have the ending, the most anti-climatic and useless ending they could of come up with. Overall, the anime was fine for maybe the first two episodes and sometimes when Hiiragi comes in but anything other than that has bored me to death.


Best Character in the Anime

Score: (2.8/10)

Art (0.8/2): The Art was fine in the most parts. There was nothing wrong with it and all the characters were drawn nicely. The animation was fine, for the most part. The biggest problem was the background. There exists little to no background and that really makes the anime not anything special. All other aspects were broken, and they should of at least excelled at one part.

Story (0.3/2): There was no story. The slice-of-life portions were terribly boring. I tend to be lenient about most parts if its a slice of life and determine its value by if I enjoyed it, which I did not. There was no sense of nostalgia and the kids and adults were all over the place with their ideas. There was no sense of order or continuation. It was a random jumble of mess that serves to confuse the watchers as much as possible. Most of the little storylines are separated into ten minute portions, but they fail to deal a punchline or anything. It just seemed to serve no purpose at all.

Sound (0.4/1): I am not lying when I say I hated every single ED they did. I have watched through all their endings and I enjoy the concept of the voice actors each singing an ED, but the songs were just not really catchy. The opening was fine though, and I really enjoyed it. I will give props to the concept they did for the ED, but that’s all. The BGM, oh man. Very little BGM with the same kids music playing over and over again. The one part where the BGM stood out the most was in the last episode when Tsuchida was chasing Yamamoto and even then, it was horrible.

Characters (0.1/2): The characters are all overdone! I am saying it for real. They all look really plain or their characters are similar to most other animes. I have not seen one unique character in this anime. The children are chibi versions of other anime characters. There was no character development and nothing happened at all. Tsuchida poses many useless questions on himself, which never gets solved properly anyways. In a slice of life anime, the characters are the most important. Without the characters establishing their base for the watchers, we will not like it. They not only failed this aspect but also failed to bring in originality to them. I am disappointed in this overall.

Enjoyment (1.2/3): Now the enjoyment value was not very good. If I was made to rewatch this anime, I would probably rather not watch anime for 1 week then watch it. The only parts I like were things that dealt with Hiiragi. She is the only ray of light in this show, but unfortunately they made her character wrong. I love slice of life animes, but this anime just did not interest me that much.

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