Final Anime Thoughts and Summary: Ladies x Butler

If you like big, bouncy, flabby boobs that explodes every five minutes, this show is right up your alley. Now, who doesn’t like a good eye candy once in a while. However, this anime has one major problem in it. The main character has received love from most of the girls without doing anything for it. The female characters just randomly develop feelings for the main character, Akiharu. Akiharu does nothing to get the love of the girls unlike most harem animes. There were some instances where he does say something to strike a heart string or two in some of the female girls, but that rarely happens. The rest are really just him being an idiot and doing the most cliched mistakes that somehow gets him into the usual lucky positions like touching breasts, panties, seeing people naked, etc.

ehehehe ero ero ehehehe

Now I have no qualm about them doing these cliched actions. I saw the tag that consist of it being harem and ecchi, so I am expecting to see those usual stuff. It is not like it comes as a surprise that this anime is also using the cliched actions. The girls are drawn, as you would expect, attractive with large boobs. There is a panty shot every 2 minutes and a nipple shot every 5 minutes. Now that is kind of too much for me, especially when the romance is cheap as hell. I did like some of the characters that provided me with some good laughs, but like I said, there is no romance or story at all.

Daichi!! >.< XOXOXOXOXO

Most harem animes at least attempt to have the main male lead say a couple of courageous and cool words to sway the female, but in this anime, there is rarely any of that. They seem to love him just because he keeps touching their breasts or seeing them naked. There is no strong romantic development, which causes the watchers to not even know who to cheer for. The characters, as a result, become shallow and boring; thus making this anime having the sole purpose of being eye candy and fapping material.


I really can not even try to write a summary for this anime because it is all over the place. I would not say it was confusing as like the plot is too difficult to understand. It is more confusing as in, what the hell did I just watch and can someone tell me what is going on. You would think all those girls are masochist, seeing as they love stripping at the little chance they get. There is definitely very wrong with some of these girls in the head, but most of them are the regular archetypes. The blond, big breast, tsundere, rich girl that everyone seems to hate appears in this very anime. They try to depict her as a very high class lady, but what I saw was that she was a dumb broad who is crazy for love and will fall in love with the guy who has the most contact with her. This isn’t an otome game, which will make your heart level increase the more contacts you have. I wanted to see a romantic development between characters. And no, seeing someone naked does not mean for the girl to fall in love at first sight. This is not Tenjou Tenge.

Score: (4.1/10)

Art (1.4/2): The art was definitely one of its strong points. It is very similar to the art style of Kanokon, and I was surprised that he was not part of the staff since their character styles are very similar. The girls were definitely lovable and most of them are pretty original. Some of the breasts at times look very awkward and disgusting, seeing as they’re making them swing droopy fat. The background was normal, nothing fascinating. If I had to say, Saikyou was definitely the most attractive girl in this anime, only to have Mikan second. The characters all have pink blush around their cheeks, and their skin even seems shiny as if they have been waxed. Overall, I did enjoy the art and I do not really have major complaints about it. The art fits the genre it is in: Ecchi and Harem.

Story (0.2/2): It’s an harem anime with boobs exploding all the time. Who the hell needs story. We’re probably thinking of settling down our little johnny and not worrying about anything else anyways. On a serious note, the story is pretty simple. The main lead, Hino Akiharu just transferred to a prestigious school that tries to train maids/butlers and ladies to be respectable people for the future. He then proceeds to cause chaos on the first day of entry and becomes feared as a molester. His childhood friend, Saikyou “helps” him, which causes more chaos and misunderstanding. Thus, beings his life in his new school. It is that simple. In the beginning of the anime, it is more introducing each girl per episode in who he helps out. Later on, it becomes a love battle between Selnia and Saikyou, which has no outcome mind you.

Sound (0.6/1): The opening, Love x Heaven, was average. Nothing really special about it, and it did not really catch my interest. It didn’t sound bad by all means, but I wouldn’t put it on repeat. The ED, My Starry Boy, was worse. It was boring and the lyrics made zero sense. Now onto the BGM. The BGM was actually ok. It was there. It was present. It was distinct. It fits. It didn’t do anything horribly wrong, and at one part of the anime, there was an insert song. I actually liked that song and it was catchy. The voice actors all fit their respective characters. Glad to see the ones that voiced the four famous tsunderes voice Daichi. It actually fit, strangely enough.

Characters (0.4/2): I was very disappointed in the characters. It was as if their only purpose was eye candy, and I hate animes that does that. If I want eye candy, I’ll go watch hentai. The main male lead, for example, had no background. We knew absolutely nothing about him. If that was not enough, he remained the same throughout the whole story. He underwent zero character development. This applies especially to the female characters. They put way too many characters and did not develop them enough. They all did repetitive actions throughout the whole anime. The Drill hair girl kept yelling at the main lead, Saikyou kept plotting evil things, the two green hair sisters kept being retarded, the Indian girls were in their own little world, the Magical Diva girl was always playing games, and the 19 year old loli kept drawing.

Enjoyment (1.5/3): Now did I enjoy it? Yes. There were some very entertaining parts like Heydeh, the Indian bodyguard. She was probably the most entertaining character, and I wished she had more screentime. Saikyou was equally entertaining, and I found her to be very cute too. Most man likes fan service, and I am no exception. If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t of touched this anime in the first place. I am sure we all knew what we were expecting when we watched this anime, and I came here prepared. Bring on the exploding boobs!!

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