Manga Recommendation: Noblesse


I was so busy with school today that I couldn’t finish one of my animes to write about, so I am gonna just give a recommendation to probably one of my favorite current manga. Noblesse is a korean web comic that is about vampires in the present world. I like stories about vampires, but many manga and anime fail to produce a storyline that is captivating. Luckily for me, I happened to stumbled upon Noblesse and to be honest, the art at the first couple of chapters definitely threw me off. However, it is definitely not as bad as it seems and in fact, it has many hilarious situations, interesting concepts and exciting fight scenes.

The manga was definitely a rare gem I stumbled upon and I get frustrated when people just give up this great manga just because the first couple of chapter has weird art. The art definitely gets better later on but people are all about first impressions. The manga can even be your typical shounen manga, except it has more unique art, fighting scenes, and definitely has a much stronger bond than most characters in typical shounen.

There is also a huge cast of characters that are all entertaining enough. The idea of vampires mingling with humans are common in many stories but Noblesse displays it in a comedic and somewhat, serious way. All of the characters are likable and the pretty boys are definitely worth the awe.

All in all, Noblesse is just a great, underrated manga. The way they have long strips seem different from most manga, but it is definitely the same and is probably even more effeective. You can find these mangas at:



Give it a try. I know I’m being subjective in most of my posts, but I just want to bring forth some of the more underrated anime/manga viewers seem to have a hard time to get into. It’s hard to break the ice at first but just find some time on your schedule, sit down, and just keep reading. You will really get into it.

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