Episode Thoughts: Accel World Episode 1

I jumped into this anime fully aware of what I was dealing with since I did read the manga beforehand a little bit. Seeing the main character be the object of envy for every non-attractive otaku really nails a lot of people. As a consequence, you have spawns of hatred that try their best to bash this show. Regardless of what people say, I am actually looking forward to this show and I hope that the amount of haters for this show will later appreciate and enjoy the anime as it is.

In the anime, it starts off by introducing Haruyuki Arita, a very, very short (and that’s being nice) and chubby high school student is a target for bullies. Haruyuki tries to escape the harsh reality that he deals with by playing and hiding in the virtual world. In the virtual world, many people are represented by their avatars (in this case, Haruyuki is a pig). Every human seems to have na electronical object attached to their necks where they can give each other information or talk telepathically through a wire cord. He later meets Black Snow Princess, the beautiful high school girl that is the object of everyone’s admiration. From there, Hime (short for Black Snow Princess) becomes interested in Haruyuki and introduces him to a program called Brain Burst. Haruyuki gets introduced into the “Accel World” where he can accelerate himself. It is an interesting concept as the virtual accel world experiences 1000 seconds for every 1 second in the human world. The bully who was harassing Haruyuki later gets provoked into hitting him, injuring Hime in the process which gets him expelled from the school. Before leaving, Hime told Haruyuki to not use the global net outside of the school. However, the next day, as he was getting ready to leave for school, he opened his global net so his mom can give him his lunch money and after stepping out of the apartment complex, he gets initiated into battle as he witnesses his new avatar, the Silver Crow.

It is interesting that I am watching this after finishing Serial Experiment Lains not too long ago. Of course the idea of a virtual world with avatars are not uncommon as it is used quite a bit (Summer Wars). What I am looking forward to, however, is how well they polish the idea of the challenger fighting and the purpose of the Accel World. I am also looking forward for Haruyuki to actually change into a well-respected main character that everyone would not hate on. I mean he isn’t exactly that well off right now: low self-esteem, knocking away a basket full of lunch made for him, being looked down upon by basically everyone, and he is short in stature and is obese. I always look forward to how weak main characters can change for the better in the sense of being stronger personality wise and not strength wise. I desperately hope that Haruyuki is not portrayed like Shu from Guilty Crown. Hime’s character is also very interesting and I am so glad she is as sweet and pure as she is portrayed and drawn. If she was one of those tsundere, selfish high school girls that always appears, I would of probably joined the bandwagon of haters for this anime.

Of course while talking about this show, we have to mention the awesome opening. Seeing all the different fighting avatars that will appear on the show later on really peaks my anticipation and excitement I have for this anime. The song by May’n is also enjoyable to listen to. The BGM and sound effects for the anime is also top notch. I love the animation for the virtual world and avatars also. If there was one thing that this show will accel (hurr durr) at, it is the art and sound (sounds familiar *cough* Guilty Crown *cough*). It is also made by Sunrise, one of my favorite studios (just because of the good work they do with Gintama). I have really high expectations for this show and hopefully Sunrise can pull through and manages to give us the best anime of Spring 2012.

Episode 1 Screencaps:


The Opening Sequence (“Chase the World” by May’n)


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2 thoughts on “Episode Thoughts: Accel World Episode 1

  1. You had me at Serial Experiments Lain. That was a trippy show. I may check out Accel World, I haven’t watched it yet. And I have found that I could care less when people bash a show if I like it.

  2. Quizoxy

    It’s great to be positive despite the number of haters against Accel World (Including myself). For I watch for a reason… I don’t wish to watch the life of someone that ain’t much better than reality for it’s an adventure genre and having 2 episodes being aired at once was a wrong move for the fact that it’s 2nd second episode wasn’t a big step ahead. I could have tolerated it’s content if they did it slowly with their premier, a little disappointed with it. The show is much more enjoyable when I tried to make myself think that Kuroyukihime is the only protagonist in the show.

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