Episode Thoughts: Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Episode 1

Ero Alert, Ero Alert. I don’t know what it is that makes this show more erotic than those blatant ecchi animes. It is not like there is nipple exposure, huge breasts or extreme sexual content (well depends on what you think about the elevator scene). Did I develop a fetish for ghost girls or something?

So the series started off in a very interesting way as means to pique the interest of the viewers and to introduce the character. It initially introduces Niiya, Okonogi, and Kanoe in a club room setting, with Yuuko being invisible to the viewers. You visually see objects move without seeing Yuuko (the ghost) and the interaction between Yuuko and Niiya, causing misunderstandings at a comedic level. After reaching a certain point, the whole sequence gets rewound again and replayed..this time showing Yuuko and her playful nature. The whole idea of these four characters is that they are in this detective club “solving” mysteries, and only Niiya and Kanoe can see Yuuko, who is also the club president. They go to the first mystery where they find a food elevator that isn’t used anymore, but is seen to be used by someone. Yuuko kicks Niiya into the elevator, and they undergo an erotic scene for us viewers! Niiya later finds out that it was Yuuko who used it as her own private elevator to transport herself since it was convenient. After a while, Okonogi talks about the mystery of Yuuko, and it reveals a little about her character and her past on top of a hill. Niiya later finds a bell under the memorial rock for Yuuko.

I liked their approach to the introduction the series. It was very fun to watch their comedic interactions and misunderstandings with Yuuko. The character introduction was also nice, and I pretty much like all the characters so far (although Niiya comes off as a bit of a generic character). Yuuko’s playful nature and her sexual plays definitely keep me interested, yet her solemn and lonely facial expressions also keep me upset for her. Kanoe comes off as the coolish tomboy character. I like her character design and definitely her VA too. Okonogi can be a little annoying sometimes, but I think she is a necessary character for comedy purposes. I am just wondering where the story is headed to and if it is going to be a relaxing school life anime or a horror anime.

As for the art and sound, I am enjoying the beautiful background and scenery so far. They are doing a decent job with it, and the character design is also good. I am hoping that the blu-ray will re-draw some scenes and make some parts a little sharper. The BGM is well done, especially towards the ending. The opening theme song was also well done, and the animation for it was perfect.

The anime was a little boring sometimes, but that is because it was just an introduction. I am looking forward to the delivery and how it will develop. Of course Yuuko seems like a fun character to watch so I’ll definitely stick through to it.

Episode 1 Screencaps


Opening Sequence (“Choir Jail” by Konomi Suzuki)


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