Episode Thoughts: Accel World Episode 3

Our Hime!

This episode was definitely a very weird one. While watching it, I had a bunch of moments where I thought to myself, “what on earth am I watching.” Especially that bedroom scene with Chiyuri and Haruyuki. I tried my best to go in and not think too much about it (in a sexual manner), but it was way too much. I had to cringe through that part just because it was such a horrible display of “how to talk with a girl in her own bedroom.” Haruyuki might seem to be able to score and make the hottest chick in the school interested in him, but he sure as hell does not know what the hell to do when you enter into a girl’s bedroom.

Now there was not much that happened this episode, action wise and development wise. There was a lot of dialogue this whole episode, and it just helped to show the character’s past and feelings, while continuing explaining the premise of the game, Brain Burst. I’ll start with a quick summary like always:

The episode begins with Haruyuki and Hime going to a cafe to talk after escaping from Chiyuri’s questioning. At the cafe, they discussed quite a bit about the game: a map that showed the different land distribution each level 9 (The Six Kings of Pure Color) conquered, the reason why Hime wants to reach level 10, (wanting to discover the purpose and meaning of this game and the hidden secrets), the requirements to reach to level 10 (killing 5 other level 9 players), and her requesting for Haruyuki’s help on reaching to level 10. She then goes on to talk about how someone discovered her identity by challenging her during the school. She requested Haruyuki to help investigate who the avatar, Cyan Blue, is in real life. Hime had before narrowed down the possible suspect list to Chiyuri as Cyan Blue, but Haruyuki refuses to believe it and goes to investigate the truth of the matter. Haruyuki goes over to Chiyuri’s house and uses the cable to talk to her about their past and Haruyuki’s pathetic self, while he was constantly searching behind her back for suspicious files. At the end, he discovers a backdoor (don’t know what the hell that means) and realizes there might be a connection between her and Cyan Blue.

There was a lot of debate about how much of a backstabber Hime was or what not. From how I see it, I think it is perfectly natural to try to reach the highest point in the game. Having a stand still because you are too scared of losing the Brain Burst program is such a pussy excuse. I mean I understand, like it would suck to lose a real life cheating device when your 16. Those times are the most you will ever need it. Exams are mad hard and college isn’t any easier. Cheating in life like the pathetic gaming losers they are is definitely such an important thing that Hime should actually give one ounce of care as to reconsider her decision for wanting to defeat them. She might actually make them fail in life even more than they have right now.

She has the right idea of wanting to reach level 10, unlike the other kids, but I don’t like how she is using Haruyuki to achieve her goals and Haruyuki so easily goes along with her. Like Chiyuri said, Haruyuki is like Hime’s pet dog, wagging his tail at her every command. He’s a pathetic and weak man with zero self-confidence and actually thinks he is actually changing for the better by tagging along with Hime.

Of course how can I forget about the bedroom scene. My god, I swear that was the most disturbing thing I wanted all season. Number one rule, if you weigh over 100 kilos, you do not hover on top of a freaking 40 kilo girl. The whole time I was worried he might accidentally slipped on the mattress and be a murderer at such a young age without being able to change himself. There were also so many awkward positioning. The pathetic dialogue between the two also didn’t help either. I really hate how he wallows on his own pathetic self and wants everyone to stop pitying him when he pities himself the most. It’s been 3 episodes and he still hasn’t done anything differently that might suggest that he has changed at all. It’s like he’s not even trying, even though that is the reason he is even there in the freaking anime.

Sigh, episode 3 was definitely disappointing. If there is crappy character development and attitude, then at least pour all your budget into some high quality action. I don’t want some type of anime where the MC finally mans up at the last episode, but it was all for naught or some crap like that. I’ve had enough of those.

Episode 3 Screencaps:


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