Hanamaru Youchien

Final Anime Thoughts and Summary: Hanamaru Youchien

Animes that star three female leads around the same age somehow always have these three combination of people: an outgoing person, a mindless dolt, and a serious person (which is always the coolest). Minami-ke and Mitsudomoe are the first two animes I think of in terms of character similarity. Now I loved both Minami-ke and Mitsudomoe, but Hanamaru Youchien does something which makes me really not like it very much. I mean the idea of putting mature ideas into four-five year old children is really not that funny. It robs them of their innocence and when you put mature ideas into something, you necessarily think you cannot forgive their actions if they do something wrong. I tend to then hate the character, like I do with Anzu.

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