Episode Thoughts: Accel World Episode 3

Our Hime!

This episode was definitely a very weird one. While watching it, I had a bunch of moments where I thought to myself, “what on earth am I watching.” Especially that bedroom scene with Chiyuri and Haruyuki. I tried my best to go in and not think too much about it (in a sexual manner), but it was way too much. I had to cringe through that part just because it was such a horrible display of “how to talk with a girl in her own bedroom.” Haruyuki might seem to be able to score and make the hottest chick in the school interested in him, but he sure as hell does not know what the hell to do when you enter into a girl’s bedroom.

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Anime Finishing Thoughts Blog

Hi! I am a new blogger. Since it is the beginning of the new year, I just thought I’ll try to keep a blog! Basically, I’ll just talk about all the recent animes I’ve watched and give my thoughts, opinions, recommendations, and etc. I am doing it so that I can have alot of new insight on the anime and just to be able to engrave the animes into my head. Feel free to put any comments or thoughts if you happen to stop by this blog! I’ll do one post per anime I finish!

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