Gintama 2011 Trailer: I have waited too long!!


 The long awaited gintama is here! When first season ended, I literally cried out and gripped my scream yelling, “Noooo!!” Well no more will I be in sorrow when my favorite anime has ended because it is making a comeback. In this trailer, we see its usual comedic entertainment for our viewers. However!!! The Four Heavenly Kings Arc is here! I have to say that this arc is definitely going to be enjoyable. Especially that one scene when Gintoki gets really mad. I could of sworn I almost orgasmed due to the sheer epicness of his facial expression.

What makes Gintama such a good anime is that it has so many elements into it, and it is such an entertaining anime. It brings in new concepts and genres into it and never bores the viewers. Some of it is also good for casual viewing, so you can stop for a long period of time and just hop back into it. It’s memorable and rewatching the anime will never bring about a bad experience. Their three leads: Kagura, Shinpachi, and Gintoki definitely has also made it very enjoyable. I can not remember an anime that has made me laugh loudly or shed a single drop of tear. It is definitely a very captivating anime, unique to its own. The parodies are all well done and I have to say as an avid anime watcher, it has definitely made it to the top of my anime list.

I really would like to spread this anime to more people since it is definitely not very popular compared to some other works. It is worth your time, trust me. I have never insisted so much on most animes, but I can assure you, it is definitely an anime different from the rest. Do not let the first few episodes throw you off. Those who watch it will remember it.

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Final Anime Thoughts and Summary: Bakemonogatari


The Perfect Harem

Bakemonogatari. What can I say about this anime? It is simply an amazing anime that could be called one of SHAFT’s top works. As a personal fan of SHAFT, I have enjoyed most of their works and this anime certainly has all of the conditions and qualities to say that…if someone has watched any other SHAFT productions, they would immediately recognize their work style and definitely their unique animation.

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Anime Finishing Thoughts Blog

Hi! I am a new blogger. Since it is the beginning of the new year, I just thought I’ll try to keep a blog! Basically, I’ll just talk about all the recent animes I’ve watched and give my thoughts, opinions, recommendations, and etc. I am doing it so that I can have alot of new insight on the anime and just to be able to engrave the animes into my head. Feel free to put any comments or thoughts if you happen to stop by this blog! I’ll do one post per anime I finish!

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